Team Eleate Earn Bid to Adidas Gauntlet Finale


I take every game with the same amount of pressure, so no additional pressure. I feel like everyone is pretty good out here so no individuals [stand out]…just me and my team are the main stand outs.– Alec Hickman

With a 7-2 record, TEAM ELEATE showed why they belonged amongst the top tier and have officially been invited to the Adidas Gauntlet Finale! The Adidas Gauntlet Series began in Dallas, TX this April and the players were well prepared for the challenges ahead! After an early stumble, ELEATE went 4-1 to capture the Silver Finalist Championship Trophy.


Following the event, CAL RIVALS Golden Bear Report writer Ben Parker caught up with CAL 2017 Committ G Alec Hickman. In the Article, Ben Parker focused on how the team aspect was the evident focus of the ADIDAS GAUNTLET competition.

“adidas Gauntlet Atlanta hosts more than 200 of the top 15, 16 and 17-year old high school players in the country.” – Madeline Breskin


The weekend following Dallas, TX, TEAM ELEATE  headed to Atlanta, GA for the second qualifying tournament & did not show signs of fatigue. Even with consecutive out of state trips, ELEATE went 2-0 in pool play and ended 3-1 for the tournament. After tallying up the results, TEAM ELEATE was 1 of 6 teams to earn 7+ wins in the Division! Next Step: ADIDAS GAUNTLET FINALE – South Carolina

Adidas Uprising

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